Who Will I Become (Paperback Book)

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An inspirational book of words and photography from Trinidad and Tobago, authored by Sallyann Della Casa. Filled with exotic images of Caribbean youth by David Lazar, each image is accompanied by inspiring words to wake up the leaders within us all.

“This work is like a dazzling crystal that reflects the many faces of the human condition. The book is quintessentially life itself!” –¬†Debashis Chatterjee, Author of Timeless Leadership

” ‘Who you will become is an evolving reincarnation of self that takes a lifetime. Every day brings with it a new “becoming” so do not give up asking the question.’ – The Growing Leaders Foundation… these are the first words as you open this truly amazing book. This is a book that everyone, no matter the age, should have… very inspiring and the imagery is just brilliant.” –¬†Ria Ramsundar



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